Reference: Xellenz Treuhand AG

19. January 2022

Die Xellenz Treuhand AG serves SMEs, financial service providers and real estate companies, providing them with customised solutions in the areas of fiduciary services, auditing and consulting.

For a small company it’s important to find good specialist staff, so they have to offer attractive perks.

When it comes to fringe benefits, Lunch-Check has a decisive advantage, because not all employees use a lot of public transport or like working out at the gym, but everyone has to eat. Whether balanced, nutritious or vegan – with over 8000 food options, staff can choose what they want to eat and can also use the meal subsidy easily when working from the home.

Besides the meal subsidy aspect, Lunch-Check also stands for higher spending power, as the payments are tax-exempt – so our employees kill two birds with one stone.

We recommend our clients introduce Lunch-Check because, unlike a pay rise, the meal subsidy is exempt from all social security contributions.

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