Can paper Lunch-Checks still be used?

We are required by the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act to discontinue the use of paper Lunch-Checks as a form of payment with effect from 31 December 2022.

Up to 31 December 2022
Paper Lunch-Checks can still be accepted.

From 1 January 2023
Paper Lunch-Checks may no longer be accepted.
Guests can exchange the paper Lunch-Checks for a Lunch-Check card.

Up to 31 January 2023
All paper Lunch-Checks accepted in payment must be returned to us.
After this date, guests may still exchange their paper Checks for Lunch-Check cards.

Request a Lunch-Check card:
Anyone with a paper Lunch-Check should contact us directly on 044 202 02 08 or contact Lunch-Check at

Why can payment be refused?

Payment may be refused for the following reasons:

  • Either the balance on the card account is too low or the daily limit on the card is not sufficient. The daily limit can normally be set by the cardholder in his customer center at The default setting on receipt of the card is CHF 100. If the available balance is too low, the outstanding sum may be paid using another means of payment.
  • The restaurant’s card terminal is not registered for the Lunch-Check Card.
  • There is no data connection (offline transactions are not possible).
  • The Lunch-Check Card has been blocked

How can I accept the Lunch-Check Card?

Signing up is straightforward: send us the completed enrolment form ((PDF link)) and it won’t be long before you’re benefiting from higher turnover.

How fast and efficient is the payment in the Restaurant?

The card is equipped with the most modern «contactless»-function and can be used with all existing payment terminals of the affiliated catering establishments in Switzerland, including the latest devic-es that are equipped with the contactless symbol. Mit der Karte werden die genauen Beträge auf dem Konto abgezogen, no change or round up.

Is a PIN-Code required?

No PIN-Code is required when paying with the Lunch-Check card. In order to guarantee security nev-ertheless, the cardholder can set a personally defined daily spending limit.