Can additional credit be loaded onto the card?

The “Load private credit” function is available free of charge. This makes it even easier to manage your meal budget with the Lunch-Check prepaid card.

The prepaid card can only be topped up on, in the Lunch-Check App or in the customer center at using a credit card or Post Bank card.

  • Private top-ups are not subsidised and must be paid in full by the cardholder.
  • The top-up sum can be paid online by Visa, Mastercard or Post Bank card.
  • Once the amount is loaded onto the card it can no longer be paid out in cash or refunded.

How to top up your card

  • Log on to your account in the Lunch-Check App or in the customer center at
  • Select the card you want to top up and click on “Load credit”.
  • Enter the amount to be loaded and confirm with “Pay online” (minimum amount: CHF 10.00, but the maximum limit of CHF 3,000 must not be exceeded).
  • Select your means of payment and follow the payment processing steps. Once the top-up has been successful, a confirmation will be sent to the registered email address.

Can paper Lunch-Checks still be used?

We are required by the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act to discontinue the use of paper Lunch-Checks as a form of payment with effect from 31 December 2022.

Up to 31 December 2022
Paper Lunch-Checks can still be accepted.

From 1 January 2023
Paper Lunch-Checks may no longer be accepted.
Guests can exchange the paper Lunch-Checks for a Lunch-Check card.

Up to 31 January 2023
All paper Lunch-Checks accepted in payment must be returned to us.
After this date, guests may still exchange their paper Checks for Lunch-Check cards.

Request a Lunch-Check card:
Anyone with a paper Lunch-Check should contact us directly on 044 202 02 08 or contact Lunch-Check at

Can paper Lunch-Checks be loaded onto the card?

Yes. To do this, the paper Lunch-Checks must be sent to the Zurich office by registered mail, stating the card number, name and address.

If you don’t already have a card, we also need your date of birth so that we can issue you a personal card (charges apply).

The paper Lunch-Checks can also be exchanged at the counter during opening hours.

Where can I pay with Lunch-Check?

The Lunch-Check Card is valid in affiliated restaurants – see the Restaurant List. The card can be used via contactless, chip and magnetic strip interfaces on all registered card readers.
The Lunch-Check gift card can be used without restriction in all participating restaurants by means of the magnetic strip.

Does your favourite restaurant not yet accept Lunch-Check? Tell us the details of the restaurant with the contact form.

Delivery services can be displayed in the Restaurant List with the filter «Type». Online shops can be displayed with the filter «Pay with».
Due to the current situation, many restaurants offer exceptional take-away or delivery services. Please check directly on their website or call the restaurant to find out whether a corresponding service is offered.

What happens if I lose my card?

In the event of loss, the card can immediately be blocked in the Lunch-Check App, online at customer center or via the hotline on 0848 202 848.

If the card is found again, it can be unblocked during office hours at the Lunch-Check offices.

In case of loss or defect, a replacement card can be requested online at, via the hotline or via the Lunch-Check office.

What advantages does the cardholder have?

  • Over 9,000 restaurants to choose from throughout Switzerland. All acceptance points can be found in our app for iOS and Android or in the online Restaurant List
  • Income-tax-free up to the statutory ceiling
  • The precise payment amounts are debited from the account with the card
  • The Lunch-Check contributions are a fringe benefit provided by the employer

Why can payment be refused?

Payment may be refused for the following reasons:

  • Either the balance on the card account is too low or the daily limit on the card is not sufficient. The daily limit can normally be set by the cardholder in his customer center at The default setting on receipt of the card is CHF 100. If the available balance is too low, the outstanding sum may be paid using another means of payment.
  • The restaurant’s card terminal is not registered for the Lunch-Check Card.
  • There is no data connection (offline transactions are not possible).
  • The Lunch-Check Card has been blocked

How do I enter my card number in the Lunch-Check app?

  1. You can log in with your existing, create a new user account or continue without a user account. The registration with a user account has the following advantages:
    • Mobile payment with Android
    • Insight into your transactions
    • Change of the daily spending limit
    • Load private credit
    • Blocking card in the event of loss
  2. Tap on the + button in «Wallet» and add your Lunch-Check card with the requested infor-mation of the card. Do you need further assistance? Our video tutorial  is available on YouTube.
  3. Tap on the Lunch-Check icon to get to your card details.

How do I create an account in the service centre at

Lunch-Check app:
Open the Lunch-Check app and click on the button «Create User Account». To add your card, click on the + button in the «Wallet», after creating the account.
Visit our customer center and click on the link «Create new account». Now you can create a user name and password using your card data.



The user account of and the Lunch-Check app are identical. Changes are displayed on both platforms.

How is the security of the Lunch-Check Card guaranteed?

There is a credit limit on the card of CHF 3,000. To speed up the payment process, the card works without a PIN code but is protected by a daily spending limit (default setting: CHF 100 per day), which the cardholder can change in the Lunch-Check app or in the customer center The Lunch-Check Card is issued and used subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Swiss Lunch-Check.