Lunch-Check app with added value

With the Lunch-Check app you can not only call up your balance and the restaurant list; we’ve also created some completely new options for you.

You’d like to visit a restaurant with friends and open the Lunch-Check app to check in the restaurant list where the forms of payment are accepted. You can open the practical area map showing all available restaurants in the immediate vicinity an can do a reservation if possible. When checking your account balance you notice that you may not have enough credit and load additional credit to the Lunch-Check Card using your credit card or Postcard. As the standard daily limit of CHF 100 will probably also not suffice, you deactivate the limit temporarily in the app. All changes are always saved immediately.

After a delicious meal, you decide to use your Android smartphone and integrated NFC function to pay the bill by smartphone. To do so, you simply open the app and your chosen card, hold the smartphone against the payment terminal and wait until the confirmation appears on the display. To check, you open your transactions and see that the transaction you’ve just carried out has been charged to your card.

When you arrive home, you discover to your dismay that you seem to have left your physical card lying somewhere and simply block it in the app. When your card reappears again, it can be unblocked free of charge and quite simply by calling Lunch-Check.


The functions of the app:

  • Mobile payment (Android NFC)
  • Change daily limit
  • Monitor transactions
  • Reload credit
  • Block card in case of loss


Download the app now: