General Terms and Conditions

for the Use of the Lunch-Check card



The Lunch-Check card (LCC) issued by the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative (SLC) is a debit card, which enables the cardholder to pay without cash for the food and drink consumed (meals with/without drinks) in a restaurant or catering establishment affiliated with SLC, up to a daily limit and based on the available credit balance. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC), which are accepted through physical or virtual use of the card, apply.

Application and issuing of the card

The LCC is applied for on behalf of the cardholder by the cardholder’s employer.
If the application is approved by SLC, the card will be issued in the name of the cardholder stated in the application. The card remains the property of SLC.

Card features

The card is issued in the name of the cardholder and is non-transferable.
The card can be used during the times stated on the card.
The card has no expiry date and is personal.
For security reasons, SLC recommends registering the card in the Lunch-Check App or at prior to first use. A login can then be set up with which the cardholder can adjust the daily limit and view the current credit balance and debit transactions.
In addition, the current credit balance available for spending on food and drink can be checked at any time by scanning the QR code on the back of the card, by text message or online via the Lunch-Check app and at

Loading the card

The LCC can be loaded with up to CHF 3,000.00. The card can be topped up to the maximum amount of CHF 3,000.00 at any time.
The amount deposited on the card creates a credit balance, which can be used by the cardholder to pay for meals consumed with/without drinks in SLC affiliated restaurants and catering establishments up to the amount of the daily spending limit, but no more than the amount of the currently available balance.

Drawing credit / Using the Lunch-Check card

The LCC, i.e. the currently available credit balance, may only be used in full or part payment of meals in combination with/without drinks in a catering establishment affiliated with SLC. If the amount due exceeds the daily limit or the available credit balance, the excess amount must be paid using a different means of payment.
The cardholder’s credit balance is reduced by the amount paid for food and drink with the LCC.
Under no circumstances may the cardholder request that the credit balance be paid out in cash.
The credit balance does not earn interest.
Depending on the type of card and details printed on the card, the LCC can be used without limit of time or with restricted validity according to the employer’s specifications.
Restaurant staff may require cardholders to identify themselves as the rightful holder of the card. However, staff are not obliged to identify the rightful holder and are free to assume that the holder of the card is also the beneficial owner of the credit balance.
If payment is not possible due to technical defects, or if there are doubts regarding the cardholder’s authorisation, the restaurant is entitled to decline payment by LCC and request another means of payment. In addition, the restaurant is entitled to inform SLC about such incidents and SLC, for its part, is entitled to block the card, without prior notification to the cardholder, until the problem has been rectified or the authorisation clarified.

Loss, theft or damage to the card

In the event of loss/theft of or damage to the card, the cardholder can have the card blocked in the app, at or by calling the hotline on 0848 202 848. A replacement card can be applied for at, against payment of a fee.
On receipt of the request for blocking of the card, SLC will block the existing card and issue a replacement card to which the credit balance available until the previous card was blocked can be transferred.
SLC disclaims all liability for technical defects or in the event of damage to or misuse of the card.

Data protection

Cardholders agree that SLC may save their personal data as stated by the employer or themselves on the card application, the daily limit, the debit transactions and the current balance of the customer card on the SLC server for processing. Such data will be treated in strict confidentiality and used only for the purposes of operating the Lunch-Check card system. The right is reserved to
forward this data to third parties engaged by SLC to operate the system, who are in turn obliged to maintain data secrecy.
The cardholder can request information from SLC on the personal data it has gathered and may request correction of such data, if applicable.

Changes and additions

SLC may amend or supplement these terms and conditions at any time. The latest and binding version of the GTC can be consulted and downloaded at The GTC automatically apply to all existing card relationships.

Jurisdiction / applicable law

The place of jurisdiction shall be at the seat of Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative. In the event of disputes, Swiss law is solely applicable.
These General Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Lunch-Check Card have been drawn up in German, French, Italian and English. In case of discrepancies, the German version shall be binding.


Cooperative Swiss Lunch-Check, January 2019