Lunch-Check is lowering the commission to 0.95 %

13. June 2023

Good news for catering establishments
As of 1 July 2023, we will lower the commission from 1.25 % to 0.95 % – in other words, by 24 %! A powerful statement – especially in times of inflation. Many other providers still have significantly higher commissions.

The primary goal of the Swiss Lunch-Check Cooperative is to strengthen the catering industry – and has done so for over 60 years. To this day, we strive every day to offer the best possible conditions to catering establishments. This affects more than just commission:

Advertising for your catering establishment
Over 9,000 members of Swiss Lunch-Check benefit from free advertising. We regularly feature restaurants in our “Gastro-Tipp” section – both on our website and on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). Each member is of course also listed in our restaurant directory. Perhaps your establishment will soon be among them? Visit to see all the benefits and apply for your free membership. We look forward to your visit!

Incidentally, Lunch-Check products are also advertised by other companies – for example in the Coop Supercard premium shop and the UBS KeyClub.

Investments in gastronomy
As a cooperative, we do not distribute profits, as is the case with credit card companies, for example. Instead, we reinvest these funds in expanding the range of services and making the catering sector more attractive.

25 % more turnover for catering establishments
In 2022, the number of people redeeming Lunch-Check contributions was around 150,000. This resulted in catering establishments achieving a total turnover of around 137 million Swiss francs – 25 % more than in 2021! This positive development shows that consumers are able and willing to spend their Lunch-Check credit again after the challenging pandemic years of 2020 and 2021.

Highly popular throughout Switzerland
Today, 1,200 companies across Switzerland provide Lunch-Check contributions to their employees. This is an attractive additional social benefit – also financially, because no social contributions are due up to CHF 180 per month and person. All benefits for employers and employees are listed on lunch

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Manor Food accept Lunch-Check

25. August 2022

From now on, you can use your Lunch Check card to purchase food at any Manor Food stores:

  • Ascona
  • Baden
  • Balerna
  • Basel
  • Biel/Bienne
  • Chavannes
  • Chur
  • Delémont
  • Emmen
  • Fribourg
  • Genève
  • Lausanne
  • Lugano
  • Marin
  • Monthey
  • Morges
  • Nyon
  • Rapperswil
  • San Antonino
  • Sargans
  • Sierre
  • Sion
  • St. Gallen
  • Vesenaz
  • Vevey
  • Vezia
  • Yverdon

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Gastro-Tipp: Happie, Basel

23. August 2022

Start making an impact with our packaging free & sustainable recipe bags

At Happie, we make use of reusable bags and jars to provide our customers every week with healthy and tasty ready-to-make recipes. Each bag provides you with exactly the right amount of seasonal & sustainable ingredients to make your recipes. We also focus on supporting the Swiss economy by providing our customers with ingredients from local entrepreneurs like tofu, tomato sauce, and tempeh that are produced in the Basel Area. Sustainable & simple!

You can pay for your Happie Bag or Happie Breakfast with your Lunch Check card when you pick-up the order in our shop in the Markthalle. View here how it works.

Currently the Lunch Check card option is only available for pick-up in the shop and not yet for delivery to your home. We are working on a solution. Do you want to pay by Lunch Check card and have it delivered to your home? Send us an email at and we put you on the waiting list!

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us via

Happie Zero Waste GmbH
Steinentorberg 20, Markthalle, 4051 Basel

Opening hours:
Monday + Tuesday, 17:00 – 19:00 Uhr


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Paper Lunch-Checks valid only up to 31 December 2022

22. August 2022

We are required by the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act to discontinue the use of paper Lunch-Checks as a form of payment with effect from 31 December 2022.

Up to 31 December 2022
Paper Lunch-Checks can still be accepted.

From 1 January 2023
Paper Lunch-Checks may no longer be accepted.
Guests can exchange the paper Lunch-Checks for a Lunch-Check card.

Up to 31 January 2023
All paper Lunch-Checks accepted in payment must be returned to us.
After this date, guests may still exchange their paper Checks for Lunch-Check cards.

Request a Lunch-Check card:
Anyone with a paper Lunch-Check should contact us directly on 044 202 02 08 or contact Lunch-Check at


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New points of acceptance

12. September 2023










  • Caffé Antico, Gossau SG



  • Mühlerad Bistro, Neuhausen am Rheinfall




  • The King Pizzeria & Bistro, Arbon






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New points of acceptance

15. August 2023















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The virtual catering for satisfied teams

8. April 2021

Are team events in your company also falling victim to the corona virus? Teambuilding is also possible without much effort and with enough distance. The virtual lunch or aperitif promotes informal exchange and is also much more fun if there are some tasty snacks and drinks in addition to a small supporting program.

Food und Drinks for the virtual meeting

Lunch-Check as a catering payment method is ideally suited to ensure that employees or colleagues can also stock up on snacks and drinks at the virtual meeting.

It’s as simple as that:

  • You send the participants a Lunch-Check gift card with a value of your choice in advance. If desired, even in an individual design.
  • The employees organise the desired food in advance at a local take-away or via a delivery service.
  • Let’s get the party started: drink + snack + laugh!

You would also like to send the gift cards virtually? No problem, we can also issue promo codes and virtual cards. We will be happy to advise you on this individually and without obligation.

Organise the virtual catering here.

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Appreciation: little things that make a big difference

28. May 2020

As the strict lockdown measures are gradually lifted, now is a good time to say thank you to employees, colleagues or line managers. Read about how you can express your appreciation while simultaneously supporting the food service industry, which has been hit especially hard.

Flexibility required

The step-by-step relaxation of the coronavirus restrictions is enabling many of us to breathe a sigh of relief. Children – at least some of them – are able to return to school or kindergarten, people who live alone can stop working from home and return to the office, and restaurants are allowed to reopen, provided that they comply with the relevant safety measures.
At a business level, employees have had to demonstrate a great deal of flexibility. Some were working from home for the first time, some even suffered pay cuts having been put on short-time working, and others faced the difficult task of combing work and childcare responsibilities. It is hard to express thanks and appreciation by video call or over the phone. For that reason, it is now time to show our gratitude by other means.

Expressing our appreciation

Appreciation can be shown in many ways and by small gestures. Say thank you to your employees for their flexibility and commitment because this was and still is an exceptional situation. As employees, you should thank your line managers for their support, as they too are likely to have been under a lot of pressure. Show an interest and ask how the person you are talking to is doing – how did it feel to work from home? What was problematic? How are their projects coming along?
Empathy improves everyone’s sense of well-being and creates a good working atmosphere. Fears are allayed and people become more open-minded and positive when it comes to accepting challenges and changes.
Everyone appreciates small gestures of gratitude. Whether it’s your line manager, your colleague or a special business partner – a little present will make the other person feel important and appreciated.

Supporting the food service industry

Despite virtual after-work drinks and video calls, genuine social contact has been greatly missed. We can now fully appreciate one another’s facial expressions and gestures again, enjoy a good laugh together, and hear each other properly as the problem of a poor connection becomes a thing of the past. These are small matters that few of us valued until recently.
The food service industry also depends on togetherness and social contact, which is why this sector was hit particularly hard. Employers who enable their employees to enjoy a healthy lunch break through Lunch-Check meal subsidies are actively supporting the food service industry in the present crisis. In addition to regular contributions towards meals, there is also the option of thanking employees for their excellent work, friends for their moral support and business partners for the good working relationship in these difficult times with a gift card. On request, gift cards can even be personalised.
Because Lunch-Check is accepted as a means of payment at 8,000 catering/restaurant businesses, the recipient will be able to choose from a wide range of acceptance points and the revenues generated will support the food service industry throughout Switzerland. Recipients can decide for themselves whether they want to support their favourite restaurant in the town they live in or their preferred take-away near their workplace, for example. This type of support will also have a lasting impact as Lunch-Check gift cards have no expiry date – in other words, people who are still concerned about going to a restaurant in the current situation can simply redeem the balance at a later date.
With every “thank you”, we make our fellow humans’ day a little bit better and with every gift card and every visit to a restaurant, we support the food service industry on its long journey back to normality and help to preserve our country’s highly varied restaurant scene.

Order gift card now


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Reference: Xellenz Treuhand AG

19. January 2022

Die Xellenz Treuhand AG serves SMEs, financial service providers and real estate companies, providing them with customised solutions in the areas of fiduciary services, auditing and consulting.

For a small company it’s important to find good specialist staff, so they have to offer attractive perks.

When it comes to fringe benefits, Lunch-Check has a decisive advantage, because not all employees use a lot of public transport or like working out at the gym, but everyone has to eat. Whether balanced, nutritious or vegan – with over 8000 food options, staff can choose what they want to eat and can also use the meal subsidy easily when working from the home.

Besides the meal subsidy aspect, Lunch-Check also stands for higher spending power, as the payments are tax-exempt – so our employees kill two birds with one stone.

We recommend our clients introduce Lunch-Check because, unlike a pay rise, the meal subsidy is exempt from all social security contributions.

Would you too like to make your staff happy?
Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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Reference: WG Treffpunkt

13. January 2022

WG Treffpunkt – a social enterprise in Olten, was looking for a way to simplify the administration of employee catering. The aim was to offer the food in their own restaurants as cheaply as possible or even completely free of charge as a benefit.

Lunch-Check made it possible: all employees of WG Treffpunkt received a personalised prepaid card. The employees have a maximum monthly credit available. However, only what was actually purchased is charged.

The employer can also restrict the cards to individual restaurants, in this case the staff restaurants, in terms of time and location.

Due to the monthly evaluations by cost centre for the recharge amounts, as well as for the restaurants, the booking for the accounting department is simple and clear.

Would you also like to simplify the administration of your employees’ meal contributions?
Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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Reference: 4E Capital AG

4. August 2021

Today we’d like to dispel the myth: “We’re too small for Lunch-Check contributions.” There’s no such thing as too small.

4E Capital AG, an asset management company with less than 10 employees, uses Lunch-Check as a fringe benefit to subsidise the cost of meals. Running a canteen is not cost-effective at this size, but the Lunch-Check card gives staff access to 8,000 restaurants across Switzerland, and with it the freedom to decide for themselves where they want to eat. Payments up to CHF 180 per month are also exempt from all social security contributions.

Even while the restaurants were closed, 4E Capital went on paying the subsidies to their staff. Not only does it support the restaurants when their guests spend the credit that has been saved up in the current situation, but it also motivates staff when they continue to receive benefits even in difficult times.

You can open a canteen with 8000 restaurants too
Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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Reference: Feldschlösschen Getränke AG

21. May 2021

#mitenandfürenand – Under this motto, Feldschlösschen Getränke AG supported the Swiss gastronomy.

Feldschlösschen invested the budget for the Christmas dinner into Lunch-Check gift cards to thank the employees and thus directly supported their customers from the gastronomy.

We were able to deliver the more than 1000 #gift cards to Feldschlösschen in an individual design in 3 languages. This made the gift even more personal and allows the staff to be #zämestark.

Do you have an individual wish to help the gastronomy?
Contact us without obligation and we will find a solution together.

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Reference: Graubündner Kantonalbank

19. April 2021

The Graubündner Kantonalbank has a heart for Graubünden’s gastronomy

Due to the cancelled PS meeting, Graubündner Kantonalbank is giving away a gift card for Graubünden’s gastronomy worth CHF 50 to its approximately 12,000 participants, thereby supporting the industry with around CHF 600,000.

The gift card for Graubünden’s gastronomy businesses was launched at the end of last year with GastroGraubünden to boost the local economy and provide direct support.

Would you like to help your local gastronomy?
Contact us for a non-binding consultation – we will put together a tailor-made offer for you.

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Reference: SWICA Health Organisation

14. April 2021

Die SWICA health organisation supports the Swiss catering industry

As the leading insurance partner for the catering industry, SWICA is supporting its customers in these difficult times. By contributing to food, the catering trade benefits from additional turnover and employee satisfaction is increased.

This is demonstrated by the fact that shortly after the launch, employees have already contacted us who would also like to receive Lunch-Check contributions.

Thank you very much for your great commitment to the Swiss gastronomy. ❤


Would you also like to make your employees happier and do something good?

Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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