Reference: 4E Capital AG

4. August 2021

Today we’d like to dispel the myth: “We’re too small for Lunch-Check contributions.” There’s no such thing as too small.

4E Capital AG, an asset management company with less than 10 employees, uses Lunch-Check as a fringe benefit to subsidise the cost of meals. Running a canteen is not cost-effective at this size, but the Lunch-Check card gives staff access to 8,000 restaurants across Switzerland, and with it the freedom to decide for themselves where they want to eat. Payments up to CHF 180 per month are also exempt from all social security contributions.

Even while the restaurants were closed, 4E Capital went on paying the subsidies to their staff. Not only does it support the restaurants when their guests spend the credit that has been saved up in the current situation, but it also motivates staff when they continue to receive benefits even in difficult times.

You can open a canteen with 8000 restaurants too
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